Emilia Bouriti | Post-industrial Agrarian Routes

The series of participatory performances was developed in Aspropyrgos, which is located 18 kilometers from Athens. The town has 30,000 residents today that coexist with many immigrants of different nationalities who arrive as seasonal agricultural workers. 
This town has been exclusively rural and unfolds the story of the history of Greek development from agricultural to industrial and then to the post-industrial era. 
The project is experiential and inspired by the rural life, the cultivation of food and the post-industrial phase of the area. 

The project was presented at the Bagkeion in the context of the Acts of Engagement workshop, and video-documentation of the development of the work in Aspropyrgos was screened in the resulting Acts of Engagement exhibition, accompanied by a presentation by the artist. 

"During my three-month work on the project, I developed a deep relationship with the rural area of Aspropyrgos, with people who work there, old and young farmers, Greek and immigrants. 
In this participatory performance, for five days a different group of 15 people gathered at the rural area of Agia Marina to participate. 
During this experiential performance old cultivators and audience collected cultivated food as they were singing old songs of rural life in Greek and Arvanite language. There we prepared a symbolic ritual meal as a means of  human union. 
A key part of the project is a video which contains testimonies of the old and new the farmers of this region. They speak about their experience in agriculture and their vision. Part of the video was presented at the end of the experiential performance. "

Concept & performance Emilia Bouriti /  Direction, photography video & editing Panos Vittorakis.