Seong Kyun Yoo | Omonoia Island Visa Application

Seong Kyun Yoo explores the relationship between doing arts and modes of living, observing the emergence of new environments and social conditions by pilgrimaging widely. He has been focusing on the co-relativity in phenomena across various environments, exploring the relationship between spirit and objects which represent living conditions globally, looking at misinterpretations of naturalistic reality. 

"Omonoia Square is a borderless island, but behind it in hiding lies the shadow of the barriers between humanity and urbanity, individual ethnic community and cultural diversity, visiting and leaving. It is a junction where people just pass through."

In multi-individual terms, the project explores ways of respecting people, who visit this place at the particular moment whether they are living here or passing by. To re-encounter the natural face of Omonoia and being aware of the environment of Omonoia and its surrounding, the artist requires visitors of Omonoia to apply for a visa so as to have the 'right' to stay and visit for their whole life time.

During the Acts of Engagement exhibition, the "visa bureau" is set up in the front desk of the building entrance. Some receptionists as performers in the square direct visitors in order to fill in a visa application and guide them to the building where the visa bureau is and as well as the exhibition. Other receptionists in visa bureau give a stamp on visa card and take the picture of the applicants. The pictures and application forms are exhibited on the wall during the exhibition.
The performers are theatrically significant for the work and, wearing formal costumes, behave as stylized characters. 

The action of "Omonoia Island Visa Application" developed by Seong within the Acts of Engagement workshop and presented in the Acts of Engagement exhibition at the Bagkeion on September 18, 2016, belongs to the "Pilgrimaged" series of works (tour on Sep. 2015 — Sep 2016) which includes following notions;

• De-Signed — Sign and Sing, in East Europe visiting cities • Echo — myself and world, question and answer, in Ladakh following the Himalayan Nomads • Womb — Misinterpretation of Women, seeking idea home, staying in Hanoi in South East Asia, • Wind — Changes and movements of time and surroundings, in Mongolia and Siberia • Light — belief and believing, in Central Asia • Candle light and gifts — sharing and respecting, in the sea and desert .

"The result of practicing art at this time and at any specific space one belongs to is naturally to provoke artists to re-organize their own ideas of working and living. We are increasingly witnessing the emergence of a system of hyper-control around the world. The borders between nation and nation, people and people, class and class of society is heightening. What is art to do in this occasion? Who is the artist in this point of time? There are many attempts to harmonize communities within the conditions of urban and/or rural society regarding non-isolation. However we still have question of what the results would be".