Fotis Karageorgiou | Giousouroum

“For slavery isn’t always to blame for our shackles, but rather our subservient hearts. Politician, judge, family-man, voter, ruler, it’s all the same, power and authority are only measured against your own essence. “
-Nikolaos Asimos

How is freedom defined? What is it determined by and how is it expressed in the here-and -now of the social situation that we are all a part of, and how is that freedom experienced today? Finally, what is in store for those who chose to upset the status quo of a deeply hypocritical and cymose society, merely by their existence within it? Under the prism of the above, an art project based on the work of singer songwriter Nikolas Asimos today does not seem to be out of place. Asimos, a figure of Greek underground culture that represents different things to different people, had a clear understanding of the concept of freedom, democracy, but even more so of the concept of “power and authority”, at a very personal and radical level.

For the GIOUSOUROUM project, Fotis Karageorgiou travels to the northern Greek town of Kozani, and, working in close collaboration with the local community and local folk musicians, constructs a dramatic environment with in-situ installations and live performances within and around the semi-public, half-abandoned train station. Fotis Karageorgiou attempts to bridge the then and now, by playing on contrasting opposites such as the internal –external, the institutional –grassroots, but also on subjective narration and objective realities, by building on an almost theatrical relationship between work and audience. The free wondering of audience amongst the compositions of elements that comprise the work invokes a sensory, physical memory, beyond intellectual or logical realms of knowledge.

In the context of the Transmission festival, documentational and research material from the archives of the artist is presented to the public for the first time, including unpublished writings and material from the archive of Nicolas Asimos, offering an exclusive insight on the development of the project and the collaboration with the local community.