Javier Gonzales Pesce

"By typing Omonoia Square on Google, I encounter many comments from people warning tourists or potential visitors about this place and how it is dangerous. My first approach is to map this place personally, making pictures, recordings and mainly experiencing the place myself. This personal experience during the workshop leads me me to the production of a series of projects.''

A sculptural detail from inside the Bagkeion, a bust of Hermes, is cast in plaster, a copy made which is fragmented into small pieces, and transported one piece at a time by 10 carrier pidgeons to a new location where they it is then re-assembled.In this way the pigeons are exchanging features that reveal certain activities or simply specific situations that could take place in both sites, making a slight difference in subtle elements that are relevant for understanding the identity of each place.

Javier Gonzales Pesce developed and presented the project in the context of ACTS OF ENGAGEMENT, a ten-day collaborative working cycle for art in the  public sphere, organized by C.A.S.A. in the context of the Athens Biennale AB5to6.  Through the program artists and researchers from Greece and abroad explore in a ten-day workshop the role of art outside conventional art spaces and how audiences and residents can be involved into action while re-examining the function of the urban public space of Omonoia square, in the center of the city of Athens.