Aire Center Charity Auction 

November 26, 2015

In November 2015 Contemporary Art Showcase Athens (C.A.S.A.) collaborated with the Non Profit Organisation AIRE Center, for the organization of AIRE CENTER/C.A.S.A. CHARITY AUCTION in London. The event aims at supporting AIRE Center's multifaceted mission:

Since 1993 the AIRE Centre has provided advice and information to more than 8000 individuals on their rights under the two European legal orders (European Union Law and the European Convention on Human Rights).
They develop this function by: 
•    Taking cases to the European Court of Human Rights.
•    Providing legal advice to other lawyers and advisers in the voluntary sector.
•    Providing legal advice to individuals directly.
•    Carrying out training and drafting reports and other publications.. The charity event took place in London on 26/11/2015, in the form of the convention titled "What has Strasbourg done for us", that ran in parallel with the exhibition of art works from artists from Athens and a silent auction. The event was successful in raising an important sum for the direct support of the AIRE Center.

"The Dublin system is clearly dysfunctional and impractical because the countries on the external borders of the EU do not have the resources to cope. If we are to have a Common European Asylum system, it is simply inappropriate to put all the responsibility on the states at the external borders of the European Union who may lack the ability or willingness to carry out this obligation." - AIRE Center Legal Team

Participating Artists:

Joulia Strauss

Faidonas Gialis

Vaggelis Lioudakis

James Simbouras

Nikolaos Efthanasiou Sklavolias