June 14 - June 16, 2015

A collaboration between C.A.S.A., Camerata Europea and BETON7


Contemporary Art Showcase Athens in honored to be collaborating with the pan-european organization Camerata Europea and BETON7 for the FESTIVAL OF CULTURE, DISPLACEMENT, a festival which intensifies the engagement of the institution with the new artistic production of Athens, combining live chamber music concerts from young, upcoming musicians with a new-media exhibition of Athenean Artists.

In the framework of our collaboration with Camerata Europea, members of the C.A.S.A. network constitute a multimedia and video-art exhibition on the thematic axis of "dispacement". With this starting point, the participating artists research topics such as the geographical movement of people, the displacement of decision-making centers and the shifts made evident in the public sphere.

Camerata Europea (CE) promotes the musical and cultural rapprochement of the EU states through its mobility and unbiased approach to all European nations. The CE organization creates a forum for vibrant encounters with the culture of the European states. This not only means fostering the traditional canon of works for chamber orchestras, but above all, the discovery and promotion of contemporary European music and visual arts. Since its formation, the CE organization has grown continuously and, due to the development of specific regional languages and different schools and methods over the course of centuries, can now draw on a rich and extensive repertoire.

The result is great and impressive variety that does not in the slightest diminish the homogeneous European music and art culture upon which it is founded. 'Unity in diversity', in no other domain can this European motto be so clearly observed and understood than in classical music and art culture. It is this unity in diversity that CE wishes to perform, celebrate, and palpably convey to the senses of its audience.