Filippos Vasileiou | Pipto

"The verb πίπτω is reduced to o. root * petā- / petə- (= fly, fall). The root of the verb is the same as the verb petomai (= throw). Is very interesting to me that the Greek word for “flight” and “fall” have the same root and a connection to the verb “to throw”. Our spirit and our body share a similar relationship. In the performance I perceive the spirit as the performing body and the body as the clay which together can give life and form. In this performance my objective is to fly, resulting in my falling. A connection between body, paint and clay. I start off with a clean body empty and virgin prior to every fly and every fall. On the floor there is a bed that we do not use for sleeping as is usual but by playing as children who jump and fall on it. The bed is made from clay (an earth bed). I become dirty when I fall on it and sculpt the form of the clay by the imprint of the body. The colors on my body signify the scars that experiences leave inside us. The sculpturing of the clay signifies the scars that time leaves on our exterior. I am trying to learn how to fall in the best way possible so that I can fly as far as I can. To detach from the earth first of all you must learn to be grounded."

The work is comprised of an action involving the performing body and a mat made from clay. The performer initiates a repetitive intense sequence of jumps and controlled falls onto the clay mat in rapid succession. Each violent landing results in imprinting the clay mat. The action can take place in an indoor or outdoor setting. Duration of performance approximately 30 minutes.  The performance took place at the Bagkeion at Transmission art festival in Athens in the context of the collaboration between C.A.S.A. and the Athens Biennale,and also at at the parallel Transmission exhibition at the Orgelfabrik in Karlsruhe, Germany.