David Rees-Thomas

David Rees-Thomas - Invisible Dialogues - The feeling of not feeling at home

"How does one create a home away from home? How do you decorate your living space in a new place? Our homes provide a place of sanctuary and security. They reflect our sense of identity socially and culturally. The objects we choose to place in our living spaces help define who we are, an exteriorisation of our inner condition. They are the distillation in physical form of our essence as physical beings".

-Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Phenomenology of Perception

What happens when we are forced to move and live in circumstances not of our choosing? How do we inhabit these foreign spaces and make them our own? Do we recreate an identical space to the one we left behind? Are these the traces of memory and nostalgia of our ‘true’ home? Is it possible to not feel at home in our place of origin and find a home elsewhere that feels like we’ve always belonged?

These are the questions and concerns that I explore without preconception of desired result. What is found, is what is found. Whatever comparisons or similarities that may exist are open to the viewers interpretation.

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