El Dorado - The Struggle for Skouries

A feature documentary by Leopold Helbich and Wasil Schauseil (2017) about environmental destruction and human rights abuses at Europe’s largest mining project.

Athenean premiere and discussions with the creators. Organised by C.A.S.A. at:

Free Social Space NOSOTROS (Themistokleous 66-Exarchia) 9 September, starting time 20.30

Free Self-Organized Theater EMBROS (R.Palamidi 2- Psiris) 10 September, starting time 20.00

Northern Greece has rapidly evolved to a focus area where the Canadian mining company Eldorado Gold is creating a profitable golden monopoly for itself. Although its mining plans for Northern Greece are irreversibly catastrophic for the environment, the company is backed by the Greek Government and central European Union policies and fueled by the complex economic politics of the current economic crisis in the name of “needed investments”.

Pressure to sit back quietly and thankfully is high while several large scale mining projects are at different stages of the concession or development process in the regions of Halkidiki, Kilkis and Thrace. While local communities have been staunchly opposing these exploration and extraction projects for years, it has become clear that the whole region has been declared “open for mining business” at the central political level. The transformation of Greece, particularly its mineral-rich north, into an extractivist state is actively promoted by the EU in its effort to secure the supply of raw materials for its minerals-thirsty industries, at the cost of human rights and the environment and with negligible or no economic benefit for the country.

ELDORADO – The Struggle For Skouries is an urgent documentary film about the civic struggle against environmental destruction through high-risk gold mining at Europe's largest mining project. With a unique access to long-term residents and extensive archive material, the film tells the stories of activists criminalized for their opposition to the mining project and documents the high price of gold for the environment and human rights in Greece.

Following the premiere of the documentary, we will have an open discussion with the filmmakers Leopold Helbich and Wasil Schauseil. How can local resistance be strengthened with solidarity from civil society, from climate action groups to ordinary citizens? How can local communities create internal solidarity and cohesion in their resistance?

The profits of the events are donated to SOSChalkidiki, for the covering of the legal expenses of those currently facing trial for their involvement in the movement resisting the gold mining activities of ElDorado Gold. http://soshalkidiki.gr/?lang=en