Sunday, September 18th, 2016, 7:30pm - 10:30pm at the Bagkeion Hotel, Omonoia



Jussi Koitela | Skills of Economy

Jussi Koitela is a cur­ator and a visual artist cur­rently based in Ams­ter­dam, Neth­er­lands.  Cur­rently he is a par­ti­cipant of De Appel Cur­at­orial Programme. Jussi Koitela presents his long term cur­at­orial research pro­ject Skills of Eco­nomy, addressing artistic reac­tions to eco­nomic dis­courses and struc­tures.


Extract from "Skills of Economy" :

"Currently art institutions, studio complexes and gallery spaces are seen as an addition to the neoliberal creative space within the contemporary urban network. Art-related spaces and institutions have been agents of gentrification as has the creative class, gaining ground for tourism and real estate speculation. This rhetoric of creativity, together with the booming development of creative urban areas, has turned artistic institutions into first agents in the soon to be developed and re-developed city areas.

The contemporary city is being developed through the viewing of certain areas and spaces as empty and misused. Often investors and politicians view space with what can be understood as a colonial outlook that fills “emptiness” and makes it “usable”. Gentrification can been seen as capitalizing, and as urban planning, which creates a function for something that has been seen before as non-productive; a space without a function. In the age of neoliberal economy, instrumentalised production is the process where function and knowledge are produced.

Through this engagement of capital and knowledge production, the city and creative space are experienced as flows of objects and energies, creating densities and cartographies of matter and form. Or, this is how is seems from the human perspective: Neoliberalism as the only alternative, as a basis for understanding ontological units that the city space contains. Human-driven capitalism directs and shapes the objects and energies of the public space, forming grids and geometries of control and division."