Workshop on Interdisciplinary Methodologies

February 19 - March 6, 2015

at BETON 7 Center for art and culture



Interdisciplinary art is recognized as an important field of innovation and research. The term describes the practice of synthesis of knowledge, experience and methodology from more than one artistic and/or scientific fields, into a new functioning synthesis, with the goal of formulating new approaches and methodologies towards artistic creation. The special challenges faced by working in interdisciplinary practices are technical, methodological, conceptual , practical, financial, and institutional, while the experience of dealing with or participating in interdisciplinary practices is observed to be decisively lacking among artists and art-related professionals.

The exploration of aspects of interdisciplinarity in art, through the C.A.S.A. Interdisciplinary Art Program, attempts to expand the conventional studio environment, stimulating academic research while contributing to the formation of working teams of artists and practitioners from other fields around interdisciplinary projects.

Through a combination of presentations, seminars, theoretical and practical workshops, the C.A.S.A. Interdisciplinary Art Program aims at cultivating a cooperative and critical environment where artists, curators, theorists and scientists can collaborate successfully in the design and development of interdisciplinary art projects. The program is also open to participants from the disciplines of the Natural, Engineering and Humanitarian sciences who are interested in collaborating in interdisciplinary art projects. Participation in the program also aims at being informative to experts in the fields of economics and art, copyright, art critics, and policy makers, wishing to achieve greater familiarization with current interdisciplinary practices and trends in the arts.

The C.A.S.A. Interdisciplinary Art Program is structured in the form of two complementary and interdependent parts: A seminar cycle, where presentation, analysis and clarification on terminology and theoretical background is made, followed by a workshop cycle which will focus in on the development of proposals for projects, the formation of interdisciplinary teams, curation, and exploration of strategies to achieve funding for interdisciplinary art projects.

Participants are able to deepen their understanding on interdisciplinary practices development and team structuring, while practicing the skills necessary for the successful communication of proposals to potential collaborators, venues and funding bodies.


19.2 | 18.00 Seminar. ‘’Interdisciplinarity’’ The adventure of a term on the international horizon. Multi-disciplinarity/inter-disciplinarity. An attempt to define the contents, prospects, and concerns surrounding terminology. ‘’Interdisciplinarity’’ in science and art.

25.2 |18.00 Seminar. Art / Science / Technology as cultural stakes. A brief historic review of the triptych. Contemporary and modern convention, and the call for "interdisciplinarity’’ in art.

27.2 | 18.00 Workshop. Presentations of interdisciplinary proposals by workshop participants. Discussion.

2.3.| 18.00 Workshop. Research into challenges, methodology and practices, based on proposed projects. Discussion on the methods of collaborating outside the fields of the arts, and the formulation of interdisciplinary teams. Discussion on the further development of the projects.

4.3 | 18.00 Workshop. Structuring approaches towards the curation of interdisciplinary art. Building interfaces with audience. Relationships between artist-artwork, institutions-artwork, and community-artwork. Open discussion with curators.

6.3 |18.00 Workshop. Research of strategies towards the full development and completion of proposed interdisciplinary projects. Discussion on the successful creation of project presentations for funding bodies, and the communication with venues and institutions.

13.5 | External assessment by Dr.Sara Jane Bailes | University of Sussex / Demosthenes Agrafiotis.


Curated and organised by Contemporary Art Showcase Athens [C.A.S.A.]
Program Supervisor: Demosthenes Agrafiotis







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