To The Future Public

April - September 2017

How can we imagine different futures from a position of precarity? In what ways can artistic practices and forms of organization connect with the experiences and the collective demands of of those who they claim to represent? How can we develop new relations, tactics and fields of action, through the reading of local situations, from within a condition of global segregations? What are the features of the future public that we are addressing?

From the point of view of Athens, TO THE FUTURE PUBLIC attempts to formulate a meeting point between local communities, artists, self-organised cultural spaces, activists and other initiatives with a focus on the public sphere and the cooperative economy, for the collaborative development of a series of projects.

The program focuses on providing a framework for in-situ responses to specific sites or contexts in the public sphere of Athens. Through interventions, performances, ephemeral installations, research-based projects, workshops and talks, the areas of the city center are responded to as field that is experienced and performed - an intricate web of inter-dependencies, conflicts, and radical syntheses.

Futhermore, the program seeks to encourage dialogues between different, and sometimes opposing "art economies", with different perspectives and backgrounds, around issues concerning socially engaged practices, performativity, and the commons.

Working locally while engaged in global discourse, we stand in support of ground-up participation and art that speaks to a desire to realize not only another art world, but also for art as a catalyst for organizing, reviving, rethinking, and remaking the everyday experience. Through the projects developed within the context of the program, we trace the points of intersection with the practices of others whose locally focused work constitute de-facto deflections within the international  art economy. In doing so, we strive for the development of participatory, inclusive models and strategies, and attempt to carry out the urgent task of cultivating communication and exchanges between movements across social, geographical and institutional divides.

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